China Lesso donates medical supplies

Attacking the front line of anti-epidemic | China Lesso donates medical supplies in short supply again to aid the Guangdong area Following the first-time large-scale support for the construction of the "Xiaotangshan" hospital in Wuhan and many other places, China Union Plastics has recently launched a new large-scale donation of medical protective materials. The donation was mainly focused on the Yunfu region in Guangdong. The donated protective materials were delivered to the front line of Yunfu epidemic prevention on February 13.

Support the construction of "Xiaotangshan" Hospital in Sichuan

According to reports, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Lei Shenshan Hospital have already been delivered for use. In the newly built hospital, the pipeline donated by Lesso Group for the construction of the hospital's water supply and drainage works has also begun to play a role. In this anti-epidemic, China United Plastics has cumulatively donated to aid a number of hospitals in Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi, Hainan, Guangdong and other places, and continues to struggle to build transportation and install equipment and supplies for anti-epidemic hospitals in various places. After assisting Wuhan Lei Shenshan and various local versions of the "Xiaotangshan" Hospital, China United Plastics once again blew the battle rally and rushed to support Sichuan Nanchong and Deyang emergency isolation hospital projects.

Lesso Group's 2019 Annual Work Summary Conference

On December 27th, the theme of the work summary of China Lesso in 2019 and the goal of 2020 in the theme of "deep cultivation of the main business, overseas expansion, platform empowerment, and steady progress" was held at the Courtyard Lesso Hotel. Huang Lianxi, Chairman of the Board of Lesso Group, Zuo Manlun, Executive Director and CEO, together with the management team and employee representatives from various branches, holding subsidiaries and functional departments across the country, participated in the grand event, together in the context of profound industry changes and transformation and upgrading , Review the work summary and experience in 2019, and conspire to plan for 2020.

Lesso accelerates the deepening of the pipeline ecological chain layout and consolidates its leading position

2019 Nian 10 Yue 12 , the "new ecology, new wealth" 2019 Nian Lesso electrical lines new conference was held in Shunde Lesso Courtyard, many Lesso dealers from across the country, partners, attended with witness The new ecology and wealth plan in the field of pipelines constructed by China Plastics will explore new trends in the electrical pipeline industry, and jointly imagine new opportunities for cooperation and development of Lesso Electrical Pipelines.

China Union Plastics was honored

On October 15 , the " 70th Anniversary Brand Summit of New China" hosted by CCTV "Brand Power Brand" was grandly held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Summit to " pay tribute to the era, to pay tribute to the future " as its theme, by summing up the past 70 great spirit of reform and innovation between years, the trend of our stand head brand Chinese economy has played a leading role on the show the founding of New China 70 since achieved outstanding brand Brilliant achievements.