Product Description

HDPE Same-floor Drain can be applied to the wall-drain-type same-floor system and floor-sink-type same-floor system. The installation procedure is the same as PVC floor-sink-type same-floor system when applied in floor-sink-type same-floor. Wall-drain-type is different from previous system because additional virtual wall after toilet is needed as special room with 0.2 m wide for the installation of piping system. Branch drain pipe cannot penetrate the floor and can be connected with main pipe in the same floor. Suspended sink and Back-drain-type toilets are both required when wall-drain-type is applied. The Installation procedure can fulfil the requirement of sanitary, well-decorated, and tidy Status. :

Properties Details

  • • MFR,(5kg,190°C)/(g/10 min)
  • • Longitudinal reversion (110 °C), % • OIT (200 °C), min
  • • Pipe ring stiffness (SN)/(KN/m2), for pipe with the mark of BD
  • • Long-term hydrostatic pressure test (80°C,1654,4.6MPa) ,,
  • Certified: ISO

Product Advantages

1. Corrosion resistance. The system can withstand the varied chemical agent and electronically-chemical corrosion.
2. No risk to the fusion joint part. Fusion joint is taken as the joint method for PE pipe, which can ensure the homogeneous material with the pipe body and guarantee the homogeneity of the whole piping system.
3. Good resistance to underground movement or ground load. PE pipe has a excellent flexibility which can reach 350% in elongation at break. PE pipe has also good resistance against non-uniform settlement.
4. Good resistance against rapid crack propagation.
5. Long lifetime. Under normal circumstance, the system can last for at least 50 years.
6. Light weight can benefit the transportation and installation.
7. It can be recycled and reclaimed.