Product Description

The product is light, highly transparent, and has good flexibility. It is used in water supply and drainage in various fields such as industry, agriculture, and construction, as well as other liquid and gas transportation. Type is ordinary pressure (common water delivery type network throat), type ll is higher pressure (general type network throat), type lll is high pressure network pipe.

The unique polyester reinforced PVC resin formula optimizes the design, making Liansu products far superior to general similar products in terms of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance and resilience. The introduction of world-leading European equipment and process technology makes our products stand out in terms of quality and stability. Very professional design of the mesh reinforcement layer, so that the product can better meet the requirements of a variety of different pressures. Adopt lead-free formula and meet international standards in food hygiene. The product is extremely soft, and can be rolled freely under the environmental conditions of -10 ° C to 65 ° C, which is convenient to use. Light weight, good pressure resistance, according to the needs of users, can provide corresponding products in the range of burst pressure 15kg / cm²-140kg / cm². Recyclability, no pollution to the environment in the process of production, construction and use, is a green product.

Product Details

  • Nominal Size Inch : 1/2 - 3/4 - 1 )
  • Standard Length ( m ) : 25 & 50
  • Nominal Pressure ( bar ): 4 - 5
  • Colors : Orange,GreenBlue
  • Certified: ROHS, FDA, SGS
  • Price: ?